Tag: Eggs

Broccoli & Trout Frittata

Easy, tasty and brilliant for lunch boxes! Frittata’s are a great way of using up a lot of eggs in one go, you can add in extra veg like spinach and peas to this recipe too for extra goodness. Don’t worry if you don’t have trout, salmon fillets work just […]

Easy Sweet Potato Cakes

These Sweet Potato Cakes are so easy to make and they are incredibly versatile so they¬†aren’t just a breakfast option. If your vegan or have an egg allergy try making some homemade baked beans instead. They are a great addition to a summer BBQ and are great in lunch boxes […]

Tomato Baked Eggs with Veggies

This breakfast / brunch is a great way to use up those veggies in your pantry that are looking a little sad. It’s filling, healthy and really easy to throw together. You can pretty much use anything you have in the fridge. Some of my favourites include : Peppers, Courgettes, […]