Cinnamon & Apple Grilled Oats

This breakfast reminds me of apple crumble. It is crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside. Perfect for chilly mornings or a quick dinner after a long day. Originally I used a quick porridge pot (you know, the ones where you just add hot water) But i have […]

Roasted Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Avocado & Hummus on Toast

This is the perfect slow weekend breakfast. It doesn’t take long to prepare and the flavours are phenomenal. Making your own hummus is very cheap, it tastes a lot better than store-bought and it doesn’t contain any nasty preservatives either.¬† This is a plant-based meal but it does go really […]

Go-To Green Smoothie

Green Smoothies don’t have to taste like you are drinking your front lawn. It is just about getting the right balance of greens and some sweetness. To make life easier I portion out smoothies and freeze them. You can then just grab one in the morning, blend it and head […]

Easy Sweet Potato Cakes

These Sweet Potato Cakes are so easy to make and they are incredibly versatile so they¬†aren’t just a breakfast option. If your vegan or have an egg allergy try making some homemade baked beans instead. They are a great addition to a summer BBQ and are great in lunch boxes […]